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This account is shutting down

I am moving to There are many reasons for this transition, but at the top of my list is the hypocrisy in regards to Deviant Arts "mature art" policy.

On my Fur account I do favorite, and draw, images that can will and are considered to be porn. So I'm not one of those who "hate all adult images." Bollocks to that. I quite like it. However I know that, for one, erect male genitalia (an erection) is not allowed here on DeviantArt. Between my accounts here on DA I believe I have reported over 200 images of an erection. I've been on DA for 8 years now. Only about 20 of the images I reported were ever removed. Nearly all of them never received any response from moderators, and even those that did receive a response ended up being "invalid complaints." And yet, earlier this year (2013) DA FEATURED SITE WIDE an Adult 'Manga' (graphic novel) in which one of the images used had adult sex toys in the image! When I joined this site the rules were that you couldn't have such items in your art.
I dunno, but perhaps the adage of "If you're popular you're above the rules" really is true. I find it disappointing, and frankly infuriating! There are other reasons I am leaving of course; immature commentators, unhelpful "critique" -if you ever get any, even if requested using the built in system-, lack of feedback on journals even by those who are supposedly watching you, contests that cater to the super- art-school-educated 10,000+watchers artist (which frankly got really annoying to see in my inbox), updates that were not needed, updates that were needed but done horridly wrong, "widgets" that are unneeded, the "new" commission service (sorry, I want my money to go to me, not to DA. I paid for subs, I bought stuff from the now shut down DeviantGear store. I do not want the money I earned from a commission to go to DA. ) and a myriad of other small reasons. All of which compiled together have pushed me to move to Furaffinity.

If you are looking for me on other sites please known that I try to keep my name consistant across the web. PaleoClipper is the name you look for. But I am on youtube, facebook, twitter (rarely) uStream, and a few other sites here and there.

But this is goodbye. I am transferring art to FA, and it will probably take a while. I know it has server issues, but really, the small bit of art I have up there is getting more exposure than my art ever did here. So ~shrug~ Off I go then.

If you need to get a hold of me via email, try that name above with gmail or aol plugged on the end of it.


Genkai, or as I call her Kai, is two years old, and was spayed 8 days ago. She has developed Subcutaneous emphysema, a condition in which air has leaked under the layers of her skin causing her entire body to actually inflate like a balloon. Sounds funny, sounds cute...but it's terrifying. My normally 7lb cat looks as though she should weigh 30lbs!

She somehow ended up with a tear in her trachea (windpipe), so now when she takes a breath in, some of that breath leaks into her body, and under her skin. We think this may have been caused by the air tube when she was spayed last week, or possibly from a wasp she may have eaten the other day. It's unclear, and the surgery may not have even had anything to do with it.

She was brought to one vet earlier in the day, 11:30~noon, and thankfully that particular bill was very small, and I was able to take care of it for her. However, she became worse...her tongue became affected from this problem. She was unable to close her mouth, and I realized she had not drank or consumed any food for at least 12 hours!

My baby is all I have right now. I'm waiting for a divorce to be final, thanks to the grace of my mother I have a place to live, but no vehicle (I am borrowing her's to rush my kitty to the vet) and no job! My vet bill so far has been $240. It's going to skyrocket to $400 at min. My goal is $400, but it may be well over that, it's unclear at the moment.

She needs fluids, and the air drained from her body periodically. The vet is also running a blood test on her to make sure she doesn't have an infection somewhere that may be the cause instead of a tear in her trachea. Any money you donate will go towards these bills.   ===fundraiser link below===

Thankfully she is expected to get better! But I simply am at a loss for how to cover her bills and still feed her, and myself.…


Let me know via email if you have donated and I will draw you something as a thank you! (


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Art that remains in my gallery is part of an old group I founded, or commission/prizes for people here on DA.
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